3D, 360 Virtual Reality Tour Prices

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  • Let us know an approximate size of the space you want for your virtual reality tour and what it is. We can produce tours for museums, pubs, airplanes, boats, hotels, spas, wedding venues, houses, rentals, lodges, static caravans, pretty much anything you walk around we can scan.
  • If you are an estate agent, or you are in a business that would require a number of tours, then we can discuss a pricing plan and potentially agree on a flat fee for all the work required.
  • If your tour (unlike a house for sale) is going to be needed permanently for your website then the first years hosting is free, after that we charge a nominal £15 a year fee to continue hosting your tour.
  • We can deliver you a quote normally within 48 hours.

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Drone Filming & Photography Prices

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  • Tell us what you would like filming, what you want as your end product,  your location with post code and your approximate timescales for the filming.
  • We will survey the site (normally done from our office, on Google maps) and look for potential problems and difficulties that could affect the legality and safety when flying the drone. We will survey the area and/or subject that is to be filmed and calculate the time needed to achieve the filming safely.
  • Once we have done our background work we can send you a quote for the filming or photography, depending on the location and the time needed to achieve the work.
  • We can deliver you a quote normally within 48 hours.
  • Films can be edited by our media team. Editing price starts at £195 for a mini marketing video approx 3-4 mins.

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Drone Surveying Prices

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  • We will need the location of the survey site and its approximate size and/or boundaries.
  • If you can tell us the end product that you require i.e. An Orthomosaic Map, 3D Model or Volumetric Measurements or a combination of all three.
  • We will need details of timings, contacts/site managers etc. and any other details such as known hazards on the site and general working hours of site staff.
  • We will then look closely (usually on Google maps) and do a pre-site survey of the area for any issues that might affect or prohibit drone operations. Once we have a good understanding of the size of the project we can quickly send you an accurate quote for your survey work.
  • We can deliver you a quote normally within 48 hours.

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Our Terms

Copyright & usage of media content.

Skycast Media Ltd have copyright over all filming, photography and virtual reality media content. Copyright may be transferred over to the client for a one off fee, contact the team for prices if needed but normally this will be 10% of the total product fee.

You as the client have full use of the data, media produced however unless you have purchased the copyright you will not be able to distribute it outside your company, sell it, rent it or allow any 3rd party companies to use it without permission from Skycast Media Ltd.

Skycast Media Ltd have the right to use all media created by them to promote, market or advertise their services within the Skycast Media Ltd company. Whether the media is still photographs or video, Skycast Media Ltd have the right to distribute and or sell the footage through their company or through stock libraries at any time.

If you wish to discuss copyright, privacy or any issues regarding your rights then do not hesitate to contact the team at Skycast Media Ltd.