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Up, down and inside in one visit.

When it comes to advertising stunning homes with extensive grounds then video show-reels created with aerial filming drones and ground stabilised cameras provide you with captivating & effective results.
Our team plans twice and films once in order to present the property and the interior rooms to maximum effect. We can change between still photography and video by the flick of a switch. Our team can provide a full package of still photographs and video for your portfolios.



We “Show-off” properties!

The speed and versatility of the internet and mobile networks has opened up the use of video in media marketing and there is no better product, in showcasing this, than beautiful properties and country estates.
At Skycast Media we work hard to “Show-off” each property to its full potential and combine dramatic aerial video with proven, elegant panning shots of the key interior rooms.

Our Matterport 360 Camera’s

We use the latest 360 3D walk-through cameras.
The Matterport camera creates an unsurpassed 3D Virtual “walk-through” which not only immerses you into the space, it provides you with an incredible sense of presence within the property as you easily move around and view the rooms.
As part of the Matterport package, we can provide you with floor plans, a dolls house view of the property, still photographs and also the opportunity to view the space with virtual reality (VR) headsets.
This technology is a perfect addition to the estate agent’s listing potential.  It not only showcases the property like never before, it saves valuable time in aiding the house viewing process.

This is the future of house sales. Professional and creative from start to finish, Skycast Media are our number one choice for our media needs.

Kelly Davies

Sales at Telford, Peter Richardsons Estates

Our Ground Stabilised Camera’s

DJI OSMO Gyro Stabilised Camera

We use the latest gyro stabilised cameras.
The rock steady camera gimbals allow for creative walk-through’s of the inside of properties. Our cameras, either in the air or on the ground, are capable of taking still photographs and high resolution video.
We can offer voice over walk-through show-reels or elegant video’s edited to fully licensed music.
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