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Drone Survey Work

From 3D modelling, to surface quantity analysis to determine quarry stock piles, drones are being employed more and more in the surveying world.

For construction they are becoming a valuable addition to the BIM information process using safe and efficient practices.

From surveying large areas such as farmlands with our fixed wing drones to getting to hard to reach places like towers or railway tracks, drones can deliver accurate and timely data at a fraction of the cost.

Drone Data in GIS

Using PIX 4D state of the art photogrammetry software, Skycast Media are able to take multiple photographs of large areas, quickly and safely using their drones.  The software stitches them together to produce seamless, Orthomosaic Maps.

Multiple Geo-Referenced photographs from the drones can be used in stockpile analysis and volumetric measuring.

Contact the Skycast Media team to find out more about drones in surveying.